I have been photographing for over 14 years, for me it is about capturing who you are today a snapshot in time because by tomorrow we have grown, moved on, expanded our family, these are memories for them….

I am a wife to Mike, Mum to 3 teenage girls and I understand how busy life is and before you know it everybody is grown up. Our little family live on a farm in Northland, New Zealand, we lead a relatively simple life which we share with a very lazy cat, super energetic dog and a bunch of cows. When I am not photographing you will find me working on our land or at the side of a swimming pool (all 3 girls are competitive swimmers).

10 things you didn’t know about me

  • Born & bred in Zimbabwe
  • Learnt to fly planes before I could drive a car
  • Petrified of snakes (yes I grew up in Africa)
  • Had very premature twins
  • Lover of all things chocolate except dark chocolate
  • Love Louis Litt character from suits (I even have his mug)
  • Worst gardener ever
  • Used to be a paramedic
  • Did judo for 10 years
  • Donald Duck is the best
Dawn Dutton photographer Northland New Zealand